Currently the selling price is USD16,000. This is for a bespoke Quickie QRI chair with Octal Wheels, Cross-Slope Control, and Flutter Control. The chair is configured to suit the physical dimensions you provided. (We will confirm these before we configure the chair) The icing on the top is flashy warning lights, a speedometer, and the tools you’ll need for routine maintenance and adjustment.

On top of that is any sales tax levied by your country or state. We’ll find this out and add it to your bill and pay it when we ship.

On top of that is the shipping cost, which may be hefty if you ship by air. These costs have risen hugely but are expected to come down again – well a bit anyway. We will inform you before the final payment. Currently, we are assembling and shipping from New Zealand.

Currently, delivery is about 5 months after receipt of order, but this may vary with demand.

What if I don’t like it?

You have 30 days from the day of receipt in which to change your mind. Bear in mind, that the machine won’t be fun until you’ve learned to use it properly. You just have to deal with the steep learning curve. It’s just like buying a membership to a gym – it doesn’t work unless you do the work.

If you have a problem, it would be best to send an email to and we may be able to solve your problem. Otherwise, we’ll give you a Returned Merchandise Advice number. You will take the wheels off and ship them back to us. You will keep the chair. We will return USD10,000 to you when we receive the wheels.

At that point you will own a Quickie Qri, with cross-slope control and flutter control – and that’s not all bad.

Here’s how you pay your deposit to buy the chair.

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