Will I be able to use this chair?

You need to pass four tests . . .

  1. Hand function

You really need to be able to use the brakes when you operate this wheelchair. If you have normal hand strength, that’s fine. As a simple test, if you can unscrew a tight lid on a glass  jar, you should be OK. Look at the video called How it Works to see what’s involved.

Secondly, you need enough dexterity to be able to unfold the handle and change gears. Look at the video on the main website page called How it Works. It shows how you change gears. Again, if you are doubtful, contact us.

  • Arm strength

You need very little arm strength and the good news is that you need so little that you can start off weak and your strength will steadily grow. If you can transfer to the chair, you’ll be fine.

  • Control of Upper Body

Because half the stroke involves pulling with your arms, you need to be able to prevent your upper body from falling forward. If you can use a normal wheelchair, you’ll be fine.

  • Are you tall enough

If you can use a standard (not paediatric) wheelchair, you’ll be fine. Very roughly, if you measure 1.5 metres (five feet) from feet to scalp, you’ll be fine. Shorter than that, you can use it but it’s not as efficient as if you were taller, but, if you’re daily growing, it will get better and better, though after a while, you’ll need a wider chair. We can handle this.